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Project Description

 Refinishing  | Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA

Lovely retired couple who, unfortunately just lost their household pet due to age, was ready to make a move to have the floors fixed. As always clients are concerned with dust, and I assured them that we run the latest and greatest in technology with dust containment.  In addition, Hudson Hardwood always completely plastics off all areas of the room, while also turning off the HVAC system to be safe. Client agreed this was a great idea and they could live without heat or air-conditioning for a little while. That lasted four days total.

We were refinishing prefinished floors, and I did have to let them know that we would be eliminating the beveled edge of the prefinished floors.  They were happy about this, as they did not like when food and grime was able to embed itself into these beveled edges. I assured them that the floors would be a nice rink  of oak with no gaps or crevices anywhere. We supplied them with four colors to choose from and they chose cherry, which I thought was a great choice to match their existing hardwood floors that were not being refinished. We were going to refinish just the second floor for now. Again, we were done in four days. We also took care of moving all furniture: moving it downstairs and out-of-the-way and then returning it back to its original location when the job was complete.

The couple said the job went absolutely wonderful and, as promised, I met the deadline and they were completely impressed with the speed and cleanliness at which we worked. We applied one coat of stain and four coats of Bona  Traffic . She wanted an extra coat of finish for durability.  Both the stain and finish dry at two hours each coat which definitely made the process easy for her.

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