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You don’t need to replace your floors to make them look like new. Restoring old damaged floors keeps the character of the wood and breathes new life into the finish of your floor.

At Hudson Hardwood, we know that your floors experience a lot of wear and tear. That’s why our team of expert craftsman work hard to improve the look and durability of your hardwood floors through restoration.

Why You Should Restore Your Floors
If your floors are dull and have suffered through years of dings, dents, and scratches, it’s time for an upgrade. Hardwood restoration is a cost-effective method that allows for a fast turnaround. Instead of removing your floorboards, our team will clean, prep, and lay down a new layer of finish on your current floorboards.

Daily maintenance is the key to preserving your hardwood floors. Restore your flooring every couple of years to maintain its integrity and appearance.

Hardwood Floor Restoration in Philadelphia

If you want professional hardwood floor restoration, look no further than Hudson Hardwood. For over two decades, we have been restoring hardwood floors in the Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester Counties as well as the Mainline and Philadelphia.

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Why Choose Hudson Hardwood as Your Professional
Hardwood Floor Restoration Company

We offer:

  • Reliable service and daily job updates
    • Our hardwood flooring experts get your project done right and on schedule.
  • Furniture moving
    • We offer the optional service of moving your furniture.
  • Livable conditions during renovation
    • We work around your family’s schedule, so you can stay in place.
  • Dustless sanding
    • Using our dustless sanding equipment we keep your project as clean as possible. Maintaining indoor air quality and reducing floor renovation dust by 95%.
  • Environmentally friendly products
    • Low VOC, green-rated finishes available.
  • 20+ years of experience
    • Certified by the NWFA since 2008, our employees are hardwood flooring specialists that follow the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines.

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