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Installing new wood floors provides an exciting opportunity. You can select your wood floor species, stain, and sheen for a fresh new look.  Or match your existing floors for a seamless look.

Wood floors enhance the look of your property by providing warmth and ambience. With hardwood floors you not only remove allergens, and improve air quality, but you also increase your property’s value. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Strong, durable and can last for decades.

Radiant heat can be added during installation.

Hudson Hardwood can assist you in making the best choices for your project and budget.

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We offer:

  • Reliable service and daily job updates
    • Our hardwood flooring experts get your project done right, and on schedule.
  • Furniture moving
    • We offer the optional service of moving your furniture.
  • Livable conditions during renovation
    • We work around your family’s schedule, so you can stay in place.
  • Dustless sanding
    • Using our dustless sanding equipment we keep your project as clean as possible. Maintaining indoor air quality and reducing floor renovation dust by 95%.
  • Environmentally friendly products
    • Low VOC, green rated finishes available.
  • 20+ years experience
    • Certified by the NWFA since 2008, our employees are hardwood flooring specialists that follow the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines.

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