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Located in Philadelphia, PA, Hudson Hardwood has worked as a commercial and residential flooring company for over two decades. We have shown our reliability and expertise on every project that we have performed. 

We believe in the beauty and the importance behind every floor we install  for every single customer. Also, throughout the process, we consider all of your needs and desires to make sure we install the floor of your dreams, and you get to enjoy staying at home and decorating your space!

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Hardwood Flooring Installation: The Benefits You Deserve 

We are a flooring installation contractor in Philadelphia, PA. With a new floor installation you will enjoy: 

  • Property Value Increase 

Floors are one of the most important aspects of a property, and having them in pristine condition will increase its value. If you are preparing for a resale process, you will make more money because home buyers prefer to buy a house with beautiful hardwood flooring rather than a faded floor or old carpet.

  • Better Air Quality 

Hardwood flooring does not collect pollen, particulate matter, dust, animal dander, or other common allergens the way carpet does. This means you will experience better air quality with hardwood flooring, making it feel fresh and clean. 

  • Longer Life Span < Lower Cost 

Hardwood flooring has a longer duration than carpets; you can use it for generations and still take advantage of its bright new look. Also, its maintenance is not time-consuming or expensive, making it cheaper and easier to keep. 

Hardwood Flooring Installation: What to Expect From Us?

At Hudson Hardwood, our clients have chosen us for our reliable service, daily job updates to clients, moving all of their furniture while giving them livable conditions during the installation, using environmentally friendly products, and keeping all the spaces free from dust. All this plus: 

  • Certified by the NWFA since 2008, our employees are hardwood flooring specialists that follow the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines.
  • We use dustless sanding equipment, so we keep your project as clean as possible. 
  • Environmentally friendly products with low VOC, green-rated finishes available.
  • We maintain indoor air quality and reduce floor renovation dust by 95%.
  • We work around your family’s schedule so that you can stay in place.
  • We get your project done right and on schedule.

Get Your Hardwood Flooring Installation from the Best Contractors in Philadelphia, PA! 

Do not doubt any longer! We are the best flooring installation contractors in Philadelphia, PA and all of our clients speak for us. We will deliver the best floors for your property, and you will enjoy the look and all the benefits. Do not waste the opportunity to give your house the look it deserves! 


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