Hudson Hardwood offers a complete range of flooring services to fit your every need. We employ the finest in dust collection technology. Having this services makes us one of the only contractors in the area that is truly 99.9% sand- and dust-free.

Two processes for hardwood installations

Prefinished: These micro beveled edges come already finished, require no sanding, and allow for quicker job completion
Unfinished: These installations use non-beveled edges and are dust-less sanded on site, allowing for personalized flooring and custom looks.


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Hardwood Installations

Dust-less Floor Sanding

Hardwood Repairs

Sand-less Hardwood Cleaning and Recoating

Custom Work

Services We Offer

  • Hardwood Installations

  • Dust-less Floor Sanding

  • Hardwood Repairs

  • Sand-less Hardwood Cleaning and Recoating

  • Custom Work

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Hardwood Flooring Services

All property owner have a dream of establishing a free wood floor scheme in their home to provide. A hardwood floor’s advantages are many, which vary from strength of design into a beautiful and elegant outlook. The floor pattern forms an integral arrangement of any house and it is a desire for owners to develop together with a floor alternative which will make their home all neighbors a figure of envy and admiration. It’s essential to have a proper structure and maintenance plan for the floor architecture, to maintain a design.
Floors have a look when constructed that adds a shine.
Floors are very sensitive to dirt and dust and keep getting infiltrated by it. Observing a few months floors are deep in dust which ruins the sheen of the floor and cause them to seem filthy and rugged. The dust damages the structural build a sound suggests floors deterioration and because the floors begin to develop cracks. In case the floors aren’t maintained properly, the harm aggravates even further, forcing owners to look for ways to refinish hardwood flooring dust free along with bring back some of your own lost glory. Many owners attempt several self oriented methods for appropriate floor machining to reduce professional expenses however their lack of experience and skills usually help up making matters worse.
A concerned owner should always be in touch with a local flooring bureau that specializes in supplying dust free wood floor finish with a technically proficient team. They use several cutting edge technological choices to provide owners with the best floor experience that may last for quite long time with no kind of maintenance required. Skilled workmen survey the plan of the flooring and make personal arrangements based on home design. A flooring consultant is always in conversation with the consumer to choose how to refinish hardwood flooring dust free along with present a number of design choices to produce an attractive finish. Dust free sanding in Utah help in making spotlessly clean flooring by removing all dust particles utilizing a self propelled vacuum system that deposits the dust in a desired point out the home.

Other Services

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