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Project Description

Residential – Refinishing  | Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA

First time homebuyers were not sure that their existing hardwood floors could be salvaged. They thought they were going to have to use a carpet. Before they put a deposit down on the carpet, I said, “why don’t you let me swing by and take a look at what we are dealing with?” I did a walk-through with the clients did mention that I could absolutely resurface these floors, but there would be some charming character left behind.

They were happy to hear that they would not have to use carpet and were hoping to have hardwood floors and they had a previous contractor in before me say that they were not worth saving. I felt it was my job to be transparent as always, explain to them and pointing out the floor areas that would stand out more than typical hardwood floors. They were more worried about having to deal with carpet, and never knowing if the floors were completely clean or not. This is one of the situations you have with carpeting. They wanted floors they could clean well and easily with no issues.

I was able to refinish the floors and as you can see in the photos. They came out really well considering the way they looked prior to starting the refinishing process. We also decided to refinish the steps and they were going to paint the risers white. And on the first floor they were running low on funds, so I suggested to clean the first floor hardwood floors and just put one coat of finish down to add durability  to the existing coats of finish. Also, you can see how that turned out in the photos provided. Both Issie and the clients thought the final product turned out really well considering the outlining issues.

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