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Project Description

Residential – New Site Sanded Hardwood Floor Installation and Finishing  | Maple Glen, PA


Clients were looking for an installation of Site Sanded Floors to master already existing Site Sanded Floors that they had on the first floor. Rooms to be installed were the living room, dining room, office, and guest room all located on the first floor. Clients were concerned about color, matching and length of the job. I assured them it will take no longer than five work days. We had carpet to remove and installation and finishing of 5 inch wide select red oak floors. We had applied some color samples for the client to approve. Once the color selection was May, we were able to get to work with the finishing aspect of the job.

Along with the new installation we had to also install some new flush mount floor registers into the existing Hardwood Floors threw out along with an another coat of finish, was applied to this area For added durability and a deep cleaning. Hudson was able to handle all of the large furniture for the client before and after the job to ensure the floors were kept in pristine condition. As you can see below floors came out wonderful.


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