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Project Description

Residential – New Site Sanded Hardwood Floor Installation and Finishing  | Radnor, PA


A young couple had reached out to me inquiring of my services and were strapped with time. Wanted to know if I could get new Hardwood floors installed within a week. They had advised me that they had currently Carpet down that they were not happy with. Luckily, I have three crews and one is typically ready all the time. So I was able to satisfy their needs. They were looking to match the rest of the house.

The house had an older style top nail flooring that I offered them an upgrade to a more modern style installation that has tongue and groove where they would not have to see the tops of the nails every 9 inches like their existing hardwood floors. They liked this idea and said let’s move forward.  We installed some select white oak floors and they were looking to go with a natural, modern low sheen look. I put down the same exact finish that I had at my house that was the best on the market. We used a sealer that had some white pigments in it to help give it a little bit more of a brighter look.

We had put down samples in a portion of the floor so their expectations were met before we finished the entire job. They loved the sample. We move forward and they were happy with the outcome at the mend of the job that you can see hear in these pictures. And luckily we were able to install and finish and give the floor plenty of time to dry for the furniture to be moved into their new home.

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