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Hudson Hardwood Project Manayunk PA 2
Hudson Hardwood Project Manayunk PA 3
Hudson Hardwood Project Manayunk PA

Project Description

Refinishing and Stairs  | Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA

This customer decided to have her floors done while she was in Brazil. She searched hardwood floor refinishing in the Philadephia area. To our delight, she said she had noticed that Hudson Hardwood came up first in several searches regarding her hardwood floors. We did a lot of FaceTime during this project and tried to take the best angles as much as possible to get this job done right.

The client wanted to improve her heart pine floors to increase the value of her home before she put it on the market. We refinished the hardwood floors and hardwood stairs. Sanding hardwood floors is not an exact science as we explained to her and we typically like to have clients on-site. However, she said she read all of our reviews and had the utmost trust in Hudson Hardwood, especially after a few conversations. The job went really well and she sold the house right away.

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