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Project Description

Residential Installation | University City Philadelphia, PA

These clients are first-time homeowners in the University City section of Philadelphia. The oak hardwood floors in their new home also doubled as the subfloors, and these were out of life as far as being refinished. The clients were looking for new hardwood floors in a short timeline. I suggested Bruce prefinished oak hardwood floors which do not need any kind of finishing. I also took a moisture reading of all the subfloors, as we do before we do any installations. In this case, the floors did not need to acclimate since they were within the range of each other enough for proper installation.

Since the current floor was a subfloor this job was very straight-forward. We installed the new prefinished oak hardwood floors on top of the current subfloor and install prime quarter round for the edges. We got done the job in record time! The client was shocked that we were able to get 1000 ft.² down in one day. In addition, we handled moving all the furniture at the beginning and end of the job.

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