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Hudson Hardwood Kensington Project
Hudson Hardwood Kensington Project3
Hudson Hardwood Kensington Project 2

Project Description

Residential Refinishing  | Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

A local architect reached out to Hudson Hardwood looking for expert advice on refinishing hardwood floors. He was nice enough to point out that our company ranked high when he searched under “hardwood floor refinishing near me.” We discussed some ideas about dark hardwood floors versus gray hardwood floors. We offered our opinion that gray hardwood floors have run their course. Natural and very low sheen hardwood floors are our personal favorite.  They stand the test of time even as styles and trends change.

The client had prefinished hardwood floors with a large beveled edge which we were eager to sand and give his newly refinished floors a more natural look. As you can see by the pictures, everything turned out beautifully and the client couldn’t have been happier.

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