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How to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors that are starting to show their age, refinishing them is a great way to bring them back to their former glory. Not only does it delete scratches and other imperfections, but it also gives the floors a fresh look. The process of hardwood floor refinishing is not difficult. Still, it is important to do it correctly to achieve the best results.

Here is a guide on how to refinish your hardwood floors:

1. Sand The Floor

You will need to rent a sander from your local hardware store. Start with coarse-grit sandpaper and then move to a finer grit. Sand the entire floor, making sure to get into all corners and crevices. Once you have finished sanding, use a vacuum to clean up all of the dust. Then, wipe the floor with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt or debris.

2. Apply The Stain

Now it is time to apply the stain. Make sure to wear gloves and old clothes, as the stain can be difficult to remove from clothing. Apply the stain with a brush or cloth, working in small sections. Once the stain is applied, use a rag to remove any excess. Allow the stain to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

3. Apply The Polyurethane

After the stain has dried, you will need to apply a layer of polyurethane. This will protect the floor and give it a shiny finish. Apply the polyurethane with a brush, working in small sections. Once you have finished applying the polyurethane, allow it to dry completely before moving any furniture back into the room.

Professional Services Might Be Best

While it is possible to refinish your hardwood floors yourself, it is not always the best idea. If you are not experienced in this type of work, it is easy to make mistakes that can damage the floor. It is always best to hire a professional hardwood floor refinishing company. Moreover, flooring contractors are able to detect problems and offer hardwood floor restorations as well.

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