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Common Hardwood Floor Challenges

Hardwood floors are a beautiful aspect of any room and are great for any business or home. They can last for generations. Therefore you want to take good care of them to keep them in top shape. Still, some people may find some aspects of hardwood floor care challenging. Here are 5 common hardwood floor challenges to look out for.

Water Damage

A few common issues with hardwood floors are water damage, matching existing colors and styles, and maintenance. Pennsylvania weather spans the gamut from hot and humid summers to cold and dry winters. All of this can affect your hardwood floors. Stains, discoloration, and even buckling of individual boards can occur. Hardwood floor refinishing can repair this.


scratched hardwood floors

Scratching damages the surface of your hardwood, making it visually unappealing and more difficult to clean. Maintaining hardwood floors does take some care and effort. Keeping them clean and free of debris can greatly help reduce scratching. Regularly cleaning and recoating your hardwood floors, also known as a “buff and coat,” will give them life for years to come.


Hardwood oxidation is a process in which hardwood becomes darker, particularly when exposed to the sun. This usually occurs in the first years after installation. Homeowners may find oxidation unappealing since it alters the color of the hardwood. To avoid it, make sure you control the intake of sunlight your hardwood has. You can move around furniture or close curtains.

Loose Or Noisy Boards

Loose or noisy boards can be an annoyance. They can cause people to trip or disrupt your home with noise. Loose or noisy boards can worsen over time, especially if you’re unaware of an underlying cause. A hardwood floor restoration can determine the best way to fix this problem and solve it. 

Humidity Changes Affecting The Boards

Humidity changes can affect your hardwood floors, making them expand, contract, or even crack. You might notice this difference in your floor with how they look or feel when you walk on them. A good way to avoid this is by ensuring you get quality hardwood floors and controlling the humidity levels inside your home.

Get A Hardwood Flooring Solution

Pennsylvania residents looking for a hardwood floor installation or other solutions can rely on Hudson Hardwood for their needs. We see many houses that have wear and tear in some areas but don’t need to have all of their hardwood floors replaced. We can match the color and style of existing floors or stairs to keep a consistent look throughout your home. 

We offer: 

  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Restoration

Get your house in top shape today with our hardwood floor services! At Hudson Hardwood, we’re ready to help you out!


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