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How To Create The Perfect Flooring

Homeowners always want their houses to stand out. One way to do this is by having the perfect flooring, but this can be harder than it seems. We all have seen the same old dark or light flooring designs. So, how can you improve that?

Even though the classic dark or light hardwood floors are good, you can give your house a unique look by trying flooring combinations. But how does this work? How materials or colors should you use? We know it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! 

In this blog post, we’ll share with you some factors you have to consider to mix different flooring in your home so that you can achieve a stunning look.


How To Successfully Mix Different Flooring Materials

Colors Are Key!

When it comes to colors, they are key! You may combine them as much as you like since there are no set-in-stone design standards. However, some colors go well together, while others are used to create strong contrasts. For instance, for a contrasting effect, you can use brown granite, a dark natural stone, with a light-colored hardwood floor, such as pine.

Drop-Down Flooring

Maybe you want to mix specific materials that can be thicker than most materials, such as flagstone. Flagstone can be difficult to work with since the thickness varies because of the inconsistencies of its nature.

Traditional installation methods are ineffective at combining flagstone with other materials such as carpet or hardwood. However, it’s not impossible to achieve. You may use the drop-down floor approach, used by professional flooring services, to create a unique section of the floor made of floor joists that are lower than the rest of the floor.

Consider underlayment

If you’re planning to use different materials for your flooring, then you should use underlayment. Different materials don’t have the same thickness, so they’ll look different. While all flooring materials don’t require underlayment, they may be utilized to raise the height of a floor to match another type.

Use Transition Strips

Transition strips are often employed between materials with different finish heights, resulting in a lip where the two meet. There are various transition strips to choose from, such as T-strips, in which the vertical portion lies between the two materials and the top horizontal section sits on top.


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