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How To Completely Change Your Bamboo Floor

We can’t deny that bamboo flooring is stunning. However, if you want it to look even better, there are some crucial steps you need to follow. The first step to changing your bamboo floor is starting with the basics: cleaning it. As something that’s made for us to walk over, it’s pretty common that it will get real dirty soon. Floors can get dirty, from mud and dirt to spills and stains.

If you’ve never cleaned a bamboo floor before, don’t worry – we’ll share why it’s important to clean it and how to do so in this blog!

Why You Should Clean Your Bamboo Floor

Bamboo floors are a beautiful and sustainable flooring option. However, they require extra care to keep them looking their best because they’re susceptible to being warped, making them look dull and old. Dirt and dust can get ground into the bamboo flooring, which will wear down the finish over time.

But besides the aesthetic aspect of it, it’s important to clean them since it’s a natural material. If there’s an excess of moisture in your home, it can produce mold growth, which is harmful to you and your family since it can cause severe allergies and other health risks. It’s important to clean your bamboo floor regularly to prevent this from happening.

How To Properly Clean Your Bamboo Floor

Now that you’ve identified why it’s important to clean your bamboo floor, you’re ready to learn how to do it properly. Here are the steps:

  • Using a vacuum, broom, or microfiber mop, you should clean the floor from all debris and dust.
  • It would help if you got a bamboo floor cleaning solution to clean your floor without damaging it. To remove marks, you can also use white vinegar mixed with water. However, it would be best if you were careful with this technique sparingly; otherwise, the vinegar’s acidity can dull the finish of your floor over time.
  • You should spray the floor solution and clean it using a slightly damp mop. By cleaning your floor in circular patterns and making sure you’re adding extra pressure into areas with more dirt or grime, your floor will shine bright like a diamond!

Let Professionals Take Care Of Your Bamboo Floor

If you’re not sure how to clean your bamboo floor or if you want it to be done properly and with the right products, leave it to professionals, like Hudson Hardwood! At Hudson Hardwood, we have years of experience cleaning bamboo floors and know how to get them looking great again in no time.

With our cleaning and recoating services, you’ll have your bamboo floor restored to its original beauty! If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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