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Hardwood Flooring Services in Mount Airy, PA

Mount Airy is a neighborhood located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Surrounding areas include Fairmount Park, Chestnut Hill, and the Cresheim Valley. While not officially recognized by the U.S. Postal Service with its own zip code, most of Mount Airy is taken up by the 19119 zip code.

History of Mount Airy

One of the original people to build in Mount Airy was William Allen, a Chief Justice of the Province of Philadelphia. His summer estate was built in 1750 on Germantown Avenue. His home was known as Mount Airy, which is the name later given to the neighborhood.

Development in the area boomed starting in the late 19th century with the building of two railroad lines. That time saw the construction of many of the large Victorian homes along tree-lined streets for which the town is known today.

Race Relations in Mount Airy

Mount Airy is sometimes touted as an example of how neighborhoods can successfully integrate and is often praised by civil rights groups. In the 1950s, residents banded together to accept everyone into their neighborhood. To this day, Mount Airy is commended for the racial harmony it achieved and continues to maintain. Even Oprah Winfrey cited it as such in her O Magazine.

Education in Mount Airy

Schools in Mount Airy fall under the School District of Philadelphia. Schools serving Mount Airy specifically are the Eleanor C. Elementary School, Charles W. Henry School, Henry H. Houston School, and the Anna L. Lingelbach school. High schools serving the area are Roxborough High School and Germantown High School.

Additionally, many charter schools in the area include West Oak Lane Charter School and Wissahickon Charter School.

Students may also opt for one of many private schools, including Revival Hill Christian High School, Waldorf School of Philadelphia, and Islamic Day School of Philadelphia.

After high school, students in Mount Airy can live at home and easily commute to many area colleges. Philadelphia University, LaSalle University, and Arcadia University are just a few in the area.

Mount Airy Today

In 2011 Mount Airy saw a large increase in businesses to the area. With affordable housing options and low crime, it was named one of America’s top ten best big-city neighborhoods by CNN Money.

Jewish congregations and a Hare Krishna community give Mount Airy a diverse religious community.

Residents enjoy shopping, restaurants, art galleries, and much more along Germantown Avenue. The area also boasts fitness centers and professional offices.

Notable places in Mount Airy

Mount Airy is home to the Sedgwick Theater. One of the few of its kind, the Sedgwick is a 1920s Art Deco movie theater.

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia is located on Germantown Avenue and serves as one of the headquarters for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Numerous Mount Airy homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These include the Nugent Home for Baptists, Malvern Hall, and the Violet Oakley Studio.

Hardwood Flooring in Mount Airy

The many different races and religions in Mount Airy make it home to people with a wide variety of tastes and styles. Some residents want to refinish and restore old hardwood floors, while others search for the latest and greatest trends in the home design industry.

Hudson Hardwood

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