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The Benefits of Water Based Polyurethanes on Hardwood Floors

Water based polyurethanes have become a more popular option for hardwood floors in recent years, and for good reason. Not only are they more on trend, but they have increased dramatically in quality and benefits. There are now more reasons than ever to use a water based polyurethane, for residential and commercial uses. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits, and what makes water based polyurethanes stand out as the clear choice for so many people.

Water based polyurethane gives the “trendy” raw look to the hardwood floors.

The flat and whitewashed looks are especially popular right now. Oil based polyurethanes are not recommended for these types of woods, as they will leave a yellow tint over time as the polyurethane cures, whereas the water based polyurethane gives a nice clear color to the wood without any shine, and the color won’t fade to a yellow tint over time, as long as you are using a quality polyurethane. It is also nice to know that you can make your floors more “trendy” by just applying a different polyurethane, instead of having to replace the entire floors.

Water based polyurethane dries much faster. 

On average, water based polyurethanes dry in about only 2 hours, which allows you to apply more coats in a single day. If you start your day early enough, you could apply the recommended four coats of polyurethane and be done in the same day. This is especially beneficial for restaurants or businesses with wood floors, as it will cut down on the time they have to be closed to redo the floors. Oil based polyurethanes can take anywhere from 3-5 hours per coat, and 12 hours after the last coat. So if time is an issue, water based polyurethanes are the way to go for you.

Water based polyurethane doesn’t smell as much.

If you have ever used an oil based polyurethane, you will know that the smell can almost be too much to handle. This is due largely to potentially toxic chemicals that are a part of the ingredients. Water based polyurethanes tend to have a much more mild smell, if any at all, due to not having as many volatile ingredients.

Water based polyurethane is safer.

Oil based polyurethanes are made with toxic chemicals that are also flammable. There have been records of short-term and long-term health problems as a result of exposure to the strong smells. Water based polyurethanes typically have little to no chemicals that are considered hazardous to your health.

Water based polyurethanes definitely have earned their place on hardwood floors in recent years. With their continuing increase in quality, and benefits listed above, they may soon become the more popular option for hardwood floors. There will always be people who prefer the classic look, shine and durability of an oil based polyurethane, but there is no denying that the water based is a strong contender and is here to stay.

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