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The 5 Advantages of Solid Hardwood Floors

When it comes time to replace your flooring or remove the carpeting and try something new, solid hardwood floors are a great option to consider. Solid hardwood floor, much like the name suggests, is made of solid wood from top to bottom. It is usually made from a hardwood source like maple, walnut, or oak. While solid hardwood floors are not for everyone, there are many advantages to choosing a hardwood floor.

#1 They Contribute To Better Air Quality
Believe it or not, wood floors have an added benefit of improving the quality of the air within your home. Those who suffer from allergies, such as pollen, pet dander, and other irritants will be happy to know that solid hardwood floors don’t absorb dust and other pollutants like a carpet would. If you have trouble with allergies or are just finding that the air quality within your home isn’t optimal, it may be time to make the switch.

#2 Very Easy Maintenance
Many people are under the impression that hardwood floors are difficult to maintain, but this isn’t really the case. Caring for a solid hardwood floor in order to maintain its integrity and beauty is quite simple. All you need to do is sweep the floor to remove any dust or particles that may be laying on the surface. If you spill water or anything else on the surface, simply wipe it up with a cloth – no stain remover or blotting require here!

#3 Grow The Value Of Your Home
Solid hardwood floors receive a higher return on investment. Because they are associated with elegance, higher quality, and lasting longer than other types of flooring, they usually help a house sell fast and for more money. Hardwood floors are a feature that many potential home buyers are willing to pay more for, and this is why many homeowners choose to replace their current floors with hardwood.

#4 There Are Many Different Options
Making the choice to switch to solid hardwood floors is always an exciting process because there are so many different types of wood to choose from, and each one has their own style and spice that they can add to the room. Not only can you decide between many different shapes and types of wood, but there is always an option to choose unique plank sizes – a very effective way to add a substantial amount of character to any room or entire house. Common wood types including oak, walnut, cherry, pine, mahogany, and many others.

#5 They Are Easily Fixed
For some reason, many people are under the impression that if you break or damange your hardwood floor the process to repair it is lengthy, expensive, and even impossible at times. This
simply isn’t true. Restoring or repairing hardwood is very straightforward process. All that has to be done is replace any areas that show damage and apply a layer of fresh finish and you’re good to go!

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