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Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2021 

As the new year approaches, so do the resolutions and renovations. With more people hanging out at home during the holidays and the winter season, they are spending more time looking at all of the things they have wanted to fix, upgrade, or change in their homes. For some, this means flooring. If you’re ready to remodel your home or flip that house, you’ll need the latest scoop on which floors are gaining more popularity and recognition.  

Hardwood floors are durable and can switch up the aesthetic of nearly any room. They upgrade the look of a room and usually become more interesting and attractive throughout the years. Knowing which trends are around the corner can significantly assist in picking out the floor that is going to elevate the style and look of your home. Continue reading to see what to expect for hardwood flooring trends in 2021.  

Larger Planks. Natural Finish 

Surveys conducted throughout the industry demonstrate a desire for longer and wider planks that have a natural finish. Almost 45% agree that natural finishes will continue to increase in demand for the upcoming years, while 57% expect a spike in the demand for wider planks. People are moving away from the warmer tones in hardwood floors and moving towards cooler, more natural-looking finishes.  

Expect to see a lot of dark-colored woods that add interest and contrast to the room. It is one of the top two stains that homeowners request when installing or refinishing hardwood floors. Along with natural finishes, you can expect to also see more natural textures. Unfinished and textured woods continue to trend upwards, while the demand for exotic varieties is seemingly in favor of domestic woods.  

Is the Gray Here to Stay?

Gray-colored floors have been a staple for the past few years. Though hardwood floor trends tend to last for about five years, grays have been a prominent choice for the past 6-7 years. This color seems to go very well with current and popular home décor styles, which is why this design option may have hung around for so long.  

While the trend is still here for 2021, gray floors are approaching their final days. They are beginning to wane in popularity, and it is likely that within a few years, they are going to develop a reputation for being tired or outdated. This means that it may be in your best interest to look for something with a little more longevity.  

Lighter Styles To Match Décor   

Lighter styles are gaining in popularity and are, currently, one of the top two stains selected when installing or refinishing hardwood floors. People are beginning to move away from the dramatics of very dark hardwood floors in favor of simpler and more modern lighter finishes. As the preferred home décor styles continue to move towards more modern and simple designs, the demand for a clean look continues to grow. 

As people continue to demand natural and organic-looking hardwood floors, they are willing to play with texture and a lighter degree of scrape. Still, they want their finishes matte, muted, and less imposing. For these options, oak is king. As domestic hardwoods continue to maintain their cost, availability, and quality, expect to see many oak floors being installed – especially white oak.  

 Changing Perspectives  

Something that is getting a surprising boost in hardwood flooring is the use of patterns in new floors. Those remodeling their homes are going for unexpected quirks and subtle unique touches to add character and personality to their home. This is becoming evident in their choices for hardwood floor installation techniques.  

As people value the quality of uniqueness, originality, and variety within their homes, this trend is spreading to hardwood flooring choices, as well. Fresh and trendy hardwood flooring patterns provide the desired contemporary good looks with a versatility that has not been seen before, and quite frankly, hasn’t been popular in a long time.  Rittenhouse Wood Floor Installation

You can expect to see herringbone – a classic that is finding its way back to “trendy” status. This is a nice alternative to straight hardwood planking, which leads to a nice pattern that brings sophistication and timelessness to any room. It’s simply irresistible. Another upcoming trend is laying the floor from a diagonal perspective. Rather than laying the planks at a ninety-degree angle in relation to the wall, the planks are shifted to a forty-five-degree angle. This quick trick gives your home a more contemporary feel. Just know that this can cost more as this design require more labor and more materials are needed as this design produces more waste.  

 Mixing It Up With Planks  

In addition to wider and longer planks, another surprising trend on the rise is the use of mixed plank widths. This unexpected trend is rolling over from 2020 as another quirky, character-filled touch to people’s homes. Alternating different widths of hardwood flooring to a room can add depth and a little more style. Using different widths of the same hardwood flooring gives a subtle but pleasantly unexpected design detail to space. However, it should be noted that the widths aren’t entirely random and require an entire row must be installed using planks with the same width.  

The Bottom Line 

Hardwood flooring will be taking on more personality as we move into 2021. People are favoring natural and organic styles with more unfinished and unrefined characteristics as home décor styles move in the same direction. As home décor styles continue to trend towards minimalist designs with an emphasis on eco-friendly designs and sources, flooring is going to move in a similar path to match the needs of the home décor trends.  

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