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An Effective Guide On How To Repair A Floor Scratch


Having a scratch on your hardwood floor at some point is inevitable. Scratches are bound to happen, from moving furniture, pets, or everyday wear and tear. But don’t worry, repairing a hardwood floor scratch is much easier than you might think!

This guide will show you how to effectively fix minor scratches on your hardwood floor. Keep reading to learn more.


Tools You’ll Need When Repairing Your Hardwood Floor

When repairing a hardwood floor scratch, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Cotton swabs.
  • Vinyl putty knife.
  • Washing, rubbing alcohol.
  • Flooring fix wax in a color to match your flooring.
  • Clean cotton fabric on white or an old-fashioned style infant diaper.


6 Wood Floor Restoration Steps

Hardwood floor scratch

To successfully repair a hardwood floor scratch, follow these steps:


Step #1

Wipe the scraped region with a damp washcloth soaked in a little amount of alcohol. This will clean the surface of grease or other materials that could make repairing your hardwood floor more difficult.

Step #2

After that, use a Q Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to cleanse the scrape entirely of debris or dirt that may have been pushed to it throughout each day’s wear and tear.

Step #3

Get your floor wax repair kit and follow the directions inside. You can compare the color by comparing a sample to the wax on top of the flooring and seeing how it compares.

Step #4

Take a small amount of the wax and apply it to the plastic putty knife. Push the mixture down with your finger, then press it in place. To remove any extra wax from the floor, push the flat end of the tool to the knife and scrape away.

Step #5

Take the cotton fabric and gently buff the flooring to eliminate any excess material or wax left on the floor. Ensure you’re doing this very, very lightly so that you’re not removing the wax you simply pushed into the scrape on the floor.

Step #6

If these tips and tricks do not give you the result you desired, be sure to get professional hardwood floor refinishing. A hardwood floor refinishing will erase the scratch and make your floors look brand new. 

Refinishing starts with sanding and polishing your hardwood until all scrapes, scratches, gouges, & stains are removed, uncovering a like-new wood floor. Then, a hardwood floor coating will give it an updated, fresh look.


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