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5 Things You Need To Know About Refinishing Hardwood Floors

If you’re like most homeowners, your hardwood floors are a precious part of your home. They add character and style and are also a major selling point. So when it’s time to refinish them, you want the job done right. Refinishing them is great for repairing stains, scratches, or any minor damage. Refinishing your hardwood floors involves sanding down the top layer of wood to reveal a new, fresh layer beneath. Then the floor is sealed and stained to your liking.

Here are 5 things to know about refinishing and how this cost-effective service can make your hardwood floors look brand new. 

1. Refinishing Will Improve Your Floors’ Appearance

If your hardwood floors are starting to look a little worn, refinishing is an excellent way to renew them. Hardwood floor refinishing will remove any scuffs or scratches and restore the wood’s original luster.

2. Refinishing Will Extend Your Floor’s Lifespan

In addition to improving the looks of your floors, refinishing will also extend their lifespan. By sealing and protecting the wood, you’ll be able to enjoy your floors for years to come. Your floors will also be easier to clean and maintain; this makes refinishing a wise investment.

3. There Are Finish Options For Your Floor

There are a few different types of finishes you can choose from when refinishing your hardwood floors. You can go with a traditional polyurethane finish, or you may prefer an oil-based finish. There are also water-based finishes available, which are becoming increasingly popular.

4. Refinishing Has To Be Done Carefully

The refinishing process can be a little tricky, and you must take care not to damage the floors during it. Make sure you sand evenly and don’t apply too much pressure. Also, be cautious not to spill any of the finishes on the floor.

5. Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors Can Become A Big Job

Refinishing hardwood floors is not a small task. It’s important to be prepared for the amount of work it will take to get the job done right. If you’re not up for the challenge, you may consider hiring a professional hardwood floor contractor to do it for you.

Get Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services 

Restoring your wood floor isn’t something to be done as a DIY weekend project. To have exceptional and desired results, it’s a must to count on a professional company that offers hardwood refinishing services.

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