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Hardwood Flooring Services in Phoenixville, PA

History of Phoenixville

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, is a town located in Chester County, approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The area was an industrial hub in its heyday and has recently undergone a revitalization making it a destination for shopping and nightlife.

Phoenixville was settled in 1732 and was originally known as Manavon. The borough was incorporated in 1849. Over the years, Phoenixville has been home to many mills and factories. Many of these former businesses are now part of the Phoenixville Historic District. The Historic District is on the National Historic Register along with the Black Rock Bridge, the Schuylkill Navigation Canal, and the Gay Street School.

Phoenixville was home to the first nail factory, the French Creek Nail Works, which opened in 1790.

French Creek and the Schuylkill River intersect in Phoenixville, and access to these waterways contributed to much of its growth.

Notable places in Phoenixville

Phoenixville is well known as the home of the Colonial Theatre. The theatre opened in 1903 and in 1958 was a key location in the movie The Blob. To this day, the town celebrates this fame with an event called Blobfest.

Phoenixville is close to Valley Forge National Historical Park. The Park, in addition to the many river trails along the Schuylkill River, makes Phoenixville a great place to live for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Getting around Phoenixville is easy, with Routes 23, 29, and 113 running through the town. The area is served by SEPTA.

Education in Phoenixville

Phoenixville students attend the Phoenixville Area School District. The district includes three elementary schools, one middle, and one high school. There is also the Technical College High School Pickering Campus, where students can learn hands-on training in some trades.

Private schools in the area include VFKH Montessori School and the Holy Family School. Phoenixville is also home to the well-known Phoenixville Renaissance Academy. Higher education institutions in the area are the Lansdale School of Business and the Unversity of Valley Forge.

Life in Phoenixville Today

Phoenixville’s population today is nearly 17,000. Residents enjoy a thriving downtown area with shopping, dining, and events. Each year the area holds the Dogwood Festival, which includes a carnival and parade. In the summer months (pre-COVID), residents can enjoy First Fridays, where main thoroughfares are closed, and live music can be enjoyed.

With its recent revitalization, Phoenixville has received accolades from many publications citing it as one of the best neighborhoods to live in America. Today, Phoenixville has more breweries per square foot than anywhere else in America.

Hardwood Flooring in Phoenixville

With its long history, Phoenixville is a place where homeowners have gone to great lengths to restore the area while also modernizing it. As downtown has seen an influx of condos, owners of older homes are often looking to maintain the original charm of their homes. Hudson Hardwood offers hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood floor restoration services.

Hudson Hardwood

Hudson Hardwood’s services include refinishing, installing, cleaning, recoating, and restoring. Our service is reliable, and we finish on time and within the budget. Having your hardwood floors refinished shouldn’t mean that your entire life needs to be turned upside down. We finish the job with minimal disruption to your daily schedule and life. Our dustless sanding and environmentally friendly products help cause the least amount of disruption.

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Please have a look at past projects we’ve completed and see the amazing results we are able to achieve for our clients. You can also read reviews from our clients about their experiences with Hudson Hardwood.

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