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We all know that feeling when you get home, and it smells like fresh wood? Well, that’s the smell of an old-fashioned hardwood floor. It has a unique scent that can’t be replicated in any other material, and that provides you with a high level of satisfaction.  

At Hudson Hardwood, we’re dedicated to providing Medford citizens with the best hardwood floors there are. We offer various hardwood flooring services in Medford, NJ, including refinishing, cleaning and coating, and installing residential and commercial flooring. We strive to provide you with beautiful floors in your own home. With our excellent customer service and attention to detail, we will ensure you are satisfied with your floor!



Get To Know Our Services

For over 20+ years, Hudson Hardwood has provided the best hardwood flooring services in Medford, NJ, at affordable prices. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with a hardwood flooring solution that works for your lifestyle and budget, exceeding all expectations in quality and craftsmanship. Some of the services we provide are: 

  • Refinishing: With our refinishing service, you may restore your hardwood flooring to its original beauty or give them a fresh new look. Refinishing your wood floor is affordable and saves you from installing a completely new hardwood floor. It’s also great since you get to upgrade your floor finish to a superior one that will better protect your floor.
  • Cleaning & Recoating: Cleaning and recoating is a service that you enjoy if you have a tighter budget or if your floor doesn’t need too much maintenance. For a fraction of the cost it takes to refinish your hardwood floors, you can schedule a cleaning and recoating to remove temporary coatings that cloud and haze wood flooring. Clouding and hazing on hardwood are caused by mop and glow and murphy oil soap, which only professionals can remove.
  • Installation: At Hudson Hardwood, we’ve been given the title of the most trustworthy commercial and residential flooring business. We’ve demonstrated our trustworthiness and skill in every job we’ve done. Because we pay close attention to details, we pay attention to our customers’ needs and expectations to ensure they are completely satisfied with the finished product.


Things You Might Find Interesting About Medford, NJ

Medford invites you to experience suburban living at its finest – a place where lifestyle and natural beauty converge in perfect unity. The bustling Village area boasts a historic “Main Street,” adorned with unique shops and delightful restaurants, creating a vibrant community hub.

Medford’s residential areas, thoughtfully designed with a nod to nature, showcase a diverse architectural landscape, from quaint log cabins and elegant Victorian estates to contemporary facades. If you’re looking for high-quality hardwood flooring services in Medford, PA, that will give your home an elegant look and feel at a reasonable price, then reach out to us or get a free quote on our website.

Hudson Hardwood offers refinishinginstallation, and restoration of hardwood floors. We can also do a simple cleaning and recoating to help maintain your hardwood floors.



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