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Blue Bell, PA Hardwood Flooring Services

Blue Bell is a place full of history that played important roles in key events of American history. At Hudson Hardwood, we’re proud to serve this community with top-notch hardwood flooring. If you need hardwood floor refinishing in Blue Bell, PA, contact Hudson Hardwood.


Blue Bell History

Blue Bell, PA, is located in Whit pain Township in Montgomery County, 15 miles from Philadelphia. The town was originally known as Pigeontown, a name given after the passenger pigeons who used to gather there in large flocks. In 1840 the town was renamed after the Blue Bell Inn, a building still used today.

The Blue Bell Inn, originally called the White House, was built in 1743. It served as a stop for hunters and travelers. Today the Blue Bell Inn is still operating as a fine restaurant and gathering place for the community. It is said that Washington frequented the Blue Bell Inn.

Hudson Hardwood in Blue Bell

Hudson Hardwood has a team of expert craftsmen with experience bringing old hardwood floors back to life. Our services include refinishing, installing, and restoring hardwood floors. We can also simply clean and recoat floors to give them a quick and easy update. If you need wood floor refinishing in Blue Bell, PA, Hudson Hardwood is the place to go.

Hear what owner Joe Hudson had to say about a recent project he completed in Blue Bell:

“The client was looking to get rid of the extra-large beveled edges of his pre-finished factory floors,” said Hudson. “Hudson Hardwood eliminated the edges, giving a better-looking finish. With the edges removed, dirt and grime can no longer collect there. At the same time, we changed the color and sheen to something more appealing to the designer’s eye.”

Why Choose Hudson Hardwood?

  • Our team is reliable
  • We’re experts in providing all the hardwood flooring services you need.
  • We’ll get the job done on time
  • We’ll do the job with the least amount of interruption to your home or business.
  • Dustless sanding for minimal mess
  • Environmentally friendly products

Get The Best Hardwood Floors In Blue Bell, PA

Hudson Hardwood is the best choice for Blue Bell, PA hardwood flooring. We have a long history of serving this community and offer top-of-the-line services. Our floors are built to last and will add value to your home or business. If you ever need hardwood floor installation in Blue Bell, PA, contact Hudson Hardwood.



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