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Floor Refinishing The Smartest Choice to Restore  Your Wood Floor

You look at your floor, and it seems to be old, scratched, worn and the color has faded; this  means it’s time to refinish your floors.  

Floor restoration includes repairs, refinishing, and staining. . Floor refinishing is done when  your floor has lost its luster, and you want to restore it to its original beauty. Getting your floor refinished is a smart choice to make. Hudson Hardwood offers the best wood floor refinishing services in the Philadelphia area, to restore the look, surface, and color of your floors. 

Hudson Hardwood has over 20+ years in the flooring business. We understand  floors, wood, repairs, and restorations and work with your schedule. We will work with you to  bring your floor back to life. 


Signs That Your Floors Need a Refinishing Service! 

Hardwood floors have a longer lifespan than other natural flooring materials. However, overtime floors wear out and lose their luster.  If you are not sure if your floors need a refinishing service, here are a couple of signs shared by our professional wood floor refinishing company that indicate your floors definitely need to be restored:

  • Scratches and dents

These are common, especially if you have kids, pets or you continually move furniture.  Our refinishing service eliminates all those awful scratches and gives your floors a fresh look. 

  • Discoloration and fading 

Through time your floor might be experiencing discoloration due to sunlight, water, improper cleaning, or even rugs. Yeah, rugs! When you place a rug, rugs block light which can cause uneven fading on your floors. Remove stains and discoloration on your floors with our floor refinishing. 

Remove Stains & Eliminate Gaps With A High-quality Refinishing Service! 

Hudson Hardwood will provide you with professional, high-quality, and prestigious wood floor refinishing service in Philadelphia, PA. We address gaps, cracks, stains, scratches, and fix uneven buckling and cupping floors. Get a restoration of your home’s floors and increase its value. 


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