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Let’s face it, getting your wood floors refinished is not easy, but Joe did a fantastic job at accommodating us through the whole process. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows in the quality of my finished floors. Joe is responsive, he always got back to me quickly and made sure I was updated on the progress of the floors. He went above and beyond (worked during the weekend and 4th of July) to get me back in my house when I needed to be back in. The dustless sanding system that he uses is fantastic. I was very nervous about having dust everywhere because my floor plan is extremely open, but with the vacuums he uses the amount of dust left looked like I hadn’t dusted for a couple of days. We were actually able to live in the house during the sanding process, though we decided against staying in the basement during the coats. Our son managed to, the water based product we chose wasn’t horribly smelly. I got several estimates before deciding on Hudson Hardwood. His price was pretty much in the middle of the pack, but well worth it. Joe takes a lot of care in the whole process and your floors will show it.

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