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My wife and I bought a great row house in South Philly, but were dismayed to find the previous owners had let their cats destroy the carpeting upstairs. I removed the carpet and found 50+ year old laminate flooring underneath – but with lovely old original pine hardwood under that. After struggling with the petrified adhesive under the laminate, I found Joe. He took one look at the floors and said, “No problem.” He was able to squeeze our home into his busy schedule to accommodate our rapidly approaching move, and was a pleasure to work with throughout. The best was when we saw what they did.

They completely saved the hardwood. All the laminate and adhesive is gone, and they sanded, polished, stained and matched color to the old pine and the newer oak flooring in the hallway. It feels like a new home. My wife and I are ecstatic and so happy we found Joe and his team. Highly, enthusiastically recommended.

Pictures below – but they don’t show how great this is, and how they stained the transitions to match. It is a seamless work of art.

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