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I definitely recommend Joe Hudson, and I bet you won’t regret it. He absolutely knows his stuff, he’s always made me feel like he’s on my side and looking out for me, and I have never seen him without a smile.

My condo had old carpet and I wanted to replace it with wood. Joe and his team removed the carpet and put Brazilian wood in two bedrooms, two closets, 1 hallway, one landing, and a flight of stairs in less than a work week. I was still staying there while they were doing the work so they always made sure the bed was intact for me and all of their equipment was put away as neatly as possible. It wasn’t too much of a hassle to deal with on my end.  Joe also spoke with my building management so I didn’t have to be the middleman to schedule time for the supplies deliveries. If I want my living room and kitchen refinished, I will definitely be reaching out to Joe.

On top of the great work, he also did a few extra things that really made the whole experience so great. 1) I am also getting my condo painted so Joe stayed in communication with the painter I’m going to use to make sure Joe was covering what he could in terms of set up for the painting.  2) I had a couple large shelving units that I was not keeping and was having a hard time giving away so Joe took care of it for me. He didn’t even make me feel like I was burdening him one bit with that extra request. 3) He played with my cat! Come on now, what’s not to like about Joe?

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