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I used Joe Hudson to refinish the soft bamboo floors in my condo. After interviewing many people who should have known that our particular floors were very soft (Many said they were shocked at all the scratches and dents- they claimed that bamboo was the hardest flooring!), I decided to go with Joe because of his expertise and knowledge of all things hardwood. His price reflected it, since he was more expensive than the other companies who’s knowledge of hardwood types were lacking. It is good to be reminded that you get what you pay for. One company said they would be done in one day! I couldn’t believe that I would get good results in one day.    Joe took a week to do my floors, which was fine because we had already vacated the premises. His system is dustless, which is a huge bonus regardless if you are still living in the home or not. That dust is a pain to clean up! I know, we had it done before… Back to Joe. He was professional and communicated very well, even sending pictures via text to show me his progress since I was out of town. He filled the deep gashes in my floor with the same colored putty and then followed with 3 coats of water based floor coating, then 1 coat of sealer. It is very important to note that he used water based floor coating, as many professionals stay away from it due to the tricky nature of getting a good finish. The pro’s of water based system are many, but I prefer it because it is considered ‘green’ compared to the more hazardous oil based one. (Do your research- you’ll be glad you did!) The fact that he did 3 coats is great, since other companies claimed one coat would be enough. You could be the judge of that- but my floors are gorgeous now!      I went with Joe even though I didn’t see many online reviews. It was totally worth it. GO WITH HIM! You won’t regret it!

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