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When it comes to gymnasiums and racquetball courts, hardwood floors are the best flooring option. Hudson Hardwood installs, cleans, restores, and refinishes commercial hardwood flooring in Philadelphia gymnasiums and racquetball courts to ensure that your athletic center is both safe to operate on and visually appealing. 

Gymnasiums and racquetball courts require a highly durable finish with non-slipping properties. Additionally, special care must be taken when it comes to the painted lines and logos on the floor. The team at Hudson Hardwood are specialists in maintaining these unique wood floors.

Choose hardwood for your gymnasium or racquetball court because:

  • It’s durable. The floors in any gym or racquetball center experience a daily beating due to the foot-traffic and equipment. Hardwood flooring can withstand heavy weights and traffic and can last for a long time. 
  • It’s attractive. You want to retain your members and keep them happy. This can be achieved both by what you offer and what your space looks like. Your patrons spend their free time at your facility, so it needs to be somewhere they feel at home. Hardwood floors are warm and welcoming.
  • It’s low maintenance. If someone spills their water on the floor, you can quickly mop or wipe it up.
  • It’s healthier. With hardwood floors, there’s nowhere for dust and debris to cling to. This creates better air quality in your space, which is great for members who have allergies. 

Our team analyzes your floors to come up with the best flooring solution for your gymnasium or racquetball court. We work to complete your commercial flooring project on time, on schedule, and with minimal disruption to your members.

Hudson Hardwood serves a variety of businesses in Philadelphia including: 


Update your office building with a hardwood floor installation. If you already have hardwood floors, refinishing them makes the space feel fresh. 


Hardwood flooring keeps a brewery looking clean and industrial. Refinish or install hardwood in your brewery for flooring that is durable and low maintenance. 


Hotels with hardwood floors are luxurious and stylish. Hudson Hardwood can make your floors stand up to the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic that hotel lobbies experience day after day. 

Old Buildings

In Philadelphia, there are many old buildings undergoing renovations. Hudson Hardwood transforms these spaces, to meet the client’s desired look while keeping in mind budget constraints. 


Food and foot traffic make it difficult for restaurants to address their flooring issues. Hudson Hardwood works with restaurants by using dust containment and green finishes to keep the air quality clean. We work overnight, so your restaurant can maintain business and not lose a day.


Schools can’t close to get their floors done. Hudson Hardwood uses dust containment, eliminating 98.9% of airborne dust, and finishes that are environmentally sound, drying quickly. We do these projects on days school is closed, so students can hit the floors as soon as they return.

At Hudson Hardwood, we offer reliable service, daily job updates, furniture moving, dustless sanding, environmentally friendly products, and a team of commercial hardwood flooring specialists that follow the NWFA guidelines.

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