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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

This service is available for our previous customers who have a hard-wax oil floor applied by us to their wood floor. Hard wax oil products such as Rubio monocoat and Pallman Magic Oil are easily refreshed within a few hours. This is a good service to also consider if you have a DuChateau floor and it needs a refreshing. It may be possible to walk on the floor within a 12 hour period after the procedure is completed.

With these products, it is possible to leave your furniture in place and do a cleaning and refreshing of the high traffic areas. It is ideal to do this quick form of maintenance approximately every 1-2 years for a residential situation.

This process does not generate dust at all. A very ideal time to do this procedure is just before a holiday weekend or while on vacation. It will provide additional floor protection and wow your guests.

Hudson Hardwood only uses the highest quality products for hardwood floor cleaning.

Cleaning Hardwood Flooring information

Regardless of if you’re building a house, or purchasing an existing house, odds are you’ll need to have exquisite floors installed to elevate the value of their home. People who need beautiful floors in their houses should possess Brazilian Cherry Flooring, or other types of quality hardwood, installed. This type of flooring is very attractive to many people all across the nation. The one thing which individuals need to consider with this type of flooring is the way to look after it to allow your hardwood to last a lengthy time. You need to be certain these floors are cared for right after they’re installed so the lifetime of the flooring can be increased.  So proper hardwood cleaning service by Hudson hardwood Floors is your answer

Anyone who’d like to possess Brazilian Cherry Flooring, or other types of hardwood, will want to ensure you know about the substances that went into making the flooring. When Hudson Hardwood Floors comes to install the hardwood floors at your house, it is a great practice to ask the Hudson Hardwood Floors about the substances and the finish applied to your hardwood floors. Doing so will let you know just what to avoid for waxes and finishes whenever you need to clean up the flooring later on. When you know about the substances on the floor, you’ll know how to appropriately take care of the flooring when cleaning, or having Hudson Hardwood Floors cleaning services.

Proper care includes on a regular basis sweeping or vacuuming the floor, cleaning up spills once they occur, and applying wax to the ground if the substances on the floor don’t get damaged by the wax. As well as every so often hiring Hudson Hardwood Floors to clean your floors professionally It’s significant to look after the floor in order that it doesn’t get stains or scratches in it. Nobody wants their Brazilian Cherry Floors, or other types of quality hardwood,  in their own home to be worn down, however, floors can be fixed through buffing and application of finish with the other services Hudson Hardwood Floors offers. These hardwood floors are very durable, and hardwood flooring, if cared for properly will make your hardwood flooring look great. It’s about creating an effort to make these flooring look great. You will then be able to enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors in your home. So, spend some time to keep the flooring looking wonderful and contact Hudson Hardwood Floors for your hardwood flooring project

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