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Professional Flooring Company With A Long List of Happy Clients & Beautiful Floors

Has your floor lost its luster? Is it scratched? Dented? Worn? Has the color faded or become cloudy?  What can you do to overcome it? A flooring service can restore the floors in your house and make it clean and visually appealing..

Hudson Hardwood offers residential flooring services in Philadelphia, PA. Services such as refinishing, installing, repairing, cleaning, re-coating, and restoring hardwood floors and stairs. Our team has the proper experience and skills to inspect your floors and determine which services cover your needs and which will benefit you the most. Give your flooring a second life with us! 


Hudson Hardwood Services That Fulfill All Your Flooring Needs 

With 20 years of experience in all things flooring, Hudson Hardwood has the  skills, equipment, and know-how to restore all types of floors.. Each of our services has its place for situations that your floor requires.  

  • Restoring Hardwood Floors And Stairs

If your floors are severely scratched, damaged or blackened, we can restore your floors back to their original beauty. We use a mix of repair and refinishing techniques to make your restored floor match and flow.. 

  • Refinishing

Refinishing means taking care of the cracks, holes, and discoloration of your floor. This helps you with the color, stains, cupping, buckling and splinters. Making you feel more comfortable and happy with the results that make your floor look brand new.

  • Installing

At Hudson Hardwood, we also offer professional hardwood flooring installation. We can even match the new floors to your existing floors. . Worried about the time and furniture you would have to move? We offer, for a fee, furniture moving in the spaces we work in. Y You can stay at home while we are working, we plastic off areas not being done and have a designated area outside where all cutting is done. 

  • Cleaning & Re-coating

We lightly abrade and deep clean your existing finish. We then restore it with a single coat of new finish in the sheen of your choice. This cleans your floors and extends the life and durability of your wood. Let us do the job for you and then enjoy the results; it will also contribute to your home value, and will definitely increase the lifespan of your floor. 

Choosing Us Has Many Benefits:

When you decide to work with Hudson Hardwood, you and your floors will have the following benefits: 

  • You will save money because a flooring expert can recommend a better option when there is no need to replace your whole floor. 
  • You will increase the lifespan of your floor.
  • You will enhance the look of your home. . 
  • You will save time because a newly refinished floor is easier to clean.
  • You will add value to your home.

Now that you know all of our services and their benefits, it is time to start working with an experienced flooring company in Philadelphia, PA. 

Call The Best Residential Flooring Company In Philadelphia!

We are ready to fulfill all your needs with all our flooring services. We will advise you on the best solution for your floors and enhance the look of your property. Also, with us, you will receive the best and personalized customer service. 


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