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The process of buffing (or screening) and recoating a floor involves lightly abrading a hardwood floor only in the upper finish layers in order to remove minor scratches. The process will generally correct and restore your wood floor to the desired sheen. Many wood floor maintenance products on the market can affect the sheen of your floor over time. Some cleaning products contain residues that impact the sheen of a floor. In addition many of the residues in hardwood floor cleaners can prohibit adhesion of a new finish coat. It is VERY important that you discuss your cleaning regimen with us prior to committing to a buffing and coating procedure to ensure a successful procedure.
The screening and recoating procedure will remove minor surface scratches as mentioned, such as those from dogs. If your hardwood floor has worn through to bare wood, then a simple recoat will not remedy the issue. If your wood floor has deep gouges from dropped objects or heavy items being slid across the floor this may not be the procedure with the best value. Also keep in mind that this is not a “sand-less” procedure that is pitched by well marketed corporations. The process generates virtually no dust, but still require a mild sanding to remove the scratch profile from your floor finish.
In general, the improvement in appearance makes a screen and re-coat a good value for the price. All furniture will still need to be removed from the work area. The procedure generally takes one day only and will extend the time between a full refinish by 3-5 years. In order to control our job site conditions and airflow, we still require homeowners vacate the property for the evening. Even though we typically re-coat with lower VOC 2 component waterborne catalyzed finish, we believe nobody should be exposed to the components of a finish for 24 hours.We evaluate these procedures on a case by case basis, so to help if you are able to share your cleaning procedures and the manufacturer of your flooring, it will help us in determining a proper course of action for your floor.

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