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Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair

You just had your hardwood floors installed last year, possibly month. Now you noticed a scratch in your hardwood. Now you can try to fix the minor scratch yourself with a few things, and few simple steps. To repair the scratch, follow the information below.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll have to complete the repair:

  • Washing Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Flooring fix wax in a color to match your flooring
  • Vinyl putty knife
  • Clean cotton fabric on white, or an old-fashioned style infant diaper

Here’s a step by step manual to fix the scratch on your flooring, and any future scratches you may come across in the life of your floors.

    1. Wipe the region where the scrapes are together with the washcloth dipped in a little amount of alcohol.
    2. Next choose the Q Tip and dip it in rubbing alcohol too, then run it along the whole period of the scrape to make sure it is totally clean of any debris or dirt that might have been pushed to the scrape during each day wear and tear.
    3. Get your flooring wax repair kit and mix it according to instructions included in the kit. You can confirm your color matches by holding a sample to the wax over the flooring and compare the shade.
    4. Take a little bit of the wax and put it on the plastic putty knife. Push the mixture and press it down to the scrape on a diagonal angle. You can push the flat end to the knife to the scrape to get rid to any extra wax that can have been on the floor.
    5. Take the cotton fabric and gently very gently buff the flooring to get rid to any excess material or wax that could be left on the floor. Ensure you’re doing this very, very lightly in order that you’re not removing of the wax which you simply pushed into the scrape on the floor.

If the scratch is too deep we recommend contacting Hudson Hardwood floors for repair. Hudson Hardwood provides professional hardwood floor buffing, hardwood floor coating. As well as hardwood floor cleaning, hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood flooring installation.


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