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About Hardwood Floors

Hudson Hardwood Floors | Serving the Philadelphia, Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA, Chester County, PA & NJ area with top-quality hardwood flooring servicesHardwood floors are interchangeable with timeless beauty. This countless years old flooring covering remains as popular now as ever, and with valid reason. No other flooring type matches the pure beauty, elegance, and allure of a wood flooring. If you are contemplating purchasing hardwood flooring for your home, learning about different types, species, alternatives and finishes is essential. Should you purchase an engineered or solid wood flooring? What does hand scraped mean? Can a hardwood flooring be installed over a concrete slab? How can you maintain your floors investment in top shape for several years to come? There are various choices with regards to wood floors.

Differences in how each piece is assembled, harvesting methods, and finishing procedures make some sorts of wood better for certain installations than others. Hardwood flooring types and terms include: Solid: Approximately 3/4 of an inch thick, solid wood floors come from a single piece of hardwood cut into planks. Strong wood planks are installed above the quality, never in a cellar or during a concrete slab. Engineered: Engineered wood floors are available in assorted thicknesses, generally ranging from 1/4 to 1/2. Construction involves laminating and gluing several timber plies together to form one plank. Engineered planks can be installed over a dry concrete slab.

Hudson Hardwood Floors | Serving the Philadelphia, Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA, Chester County, PA & NJ area with top-quality hardwood flooring servicesLong strip: Long strip is a version on engineered structure, resulting in a wider and more single plank. Exotic: Exotic is with the term used for timber flooring which come from various world locations, such as Asia, Australia, Africa, Germany, South America and Russia. Hand scraped: Extremely popular, hand scraped flooring are wood boards that have been scraped by hand into give each piece a worn and ancient look. They can be found in both engineered and solid construction. Distressed: Similar into hand scraped, distressed hardwood is machine scraped into give it a distinctive look and texture. Pre-completed and Unfinished: Pr-finished implies that with the finish was applied at with the factory, prior to purchase and installation.

Unfinished floors must be completed after installation. Pre-finished flooring offers a wider variety of selections and less clean-up after installation. Unfinished floors get a more customized look after with the finish is applied. Wood flooring installation is done in several various ways, depending upon the wood type and placement. The most typical methods are: Nail or staple down: Nails or staples are utilized to secure each plank to with the sub-floor. These can’t be installed over concrete slabs. Glue: Adhesive is utilized to secure individual boards to the sub-floor. Adhesive less: A new method, adhesive less installation involves connecting interlocking boards without using wood adhesive. Floating: A favored with do-it yourself, floating flooring sit above the foundation without being secured to it. In many cases, wood adhesive is used between each plank’s tongue and groove.

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Hudson Hardwood Floors proudly serves Philadelphia, Montgomery county PA, Bucks county PA, Delaware county PA, and Chester PA counties with top-quality hardwood flooring services.

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